Grier Hopkins said “Hey you should talk about some numbers on a post, those are crazy.”

Here are some #’s from the last 7 days:
Miles driven: 1,980
Villages where I attempted to knock every door: 7
Large signs put up: 3 (two in Tok, one in Glennallen).
Windshield washer fluid: 2 gallons
Bugs killed on the windshield: 5,890,876,433
Rivers crossed: countless
Fast Eddy’s events: 1, plus 3 meals.
Wolverines seen: 1
Moose: 5 cows
Meals at Tok Thai which is in Glennallen: 4
Cans of spam: 1
Doors knocked: ??? So many.
Dog bites: 1
Dogs I fought off before getting bit: 3
Communities I visited or drove through in the district: 19.
Farmers markets: 1
Tribal Offices visited: 5

I was told in many communities that no one has ever knocked on their door in a campaign. In one place I was told that the last person to come to town was Nick Begich in the early 70’s.

Thanks for the warm hospitality and visits folks. I had a great time knocking doors in Eagle, Chicken, Dot Lake, Gulkana, Tetlin, Northway, Gakona, and Tok. Thank you to Wengers in Kenny Lake, Tazlinas General Store, the Kenny Lake Mercantile, and Naabia Niign in Northway for sharing my materials from your places of business! And thank you to my lovely wife Alisa for putting up with this craziness.