We’re on to the general election in November everyone! I am proud to say that we had more votes than anyone in precincts from Denali National Park to Mentasta, Tanacross to Tanana, and from Arctic Village to my hometown of Fort Yukon. We got 100% of the votes in Arctic Village!

Eielson, Chena Hot Springs Road, Two Rivers and Kenny Lake are competitive again. There’s a lot more work to do to increase voter turnout in November, and I am starting this morning by heading down to Healy for the Alaska Municipal League meeting. My opponent wants “downward pressure” on the budget, which means more cuts for our communities and important programs like revenue sharing (which funds things like ambulances, libraries, and community halls.). I oppose that effort and will stand up for our rural communities.

I will protect the PFD and critical state services like schools, public safety, and road maintenance by making sure we get our full share from our resources. My opponent would layoff teachers and not fund critical road maintenance, and take your PFD while doing it. I oppose sales taxes and the income tax and will work to fix our broken oil tax system that is bankrupting our state.

Thanks for voting in the primary everyone! We’re going to need you to bring some friends to the general election in November!