House District 6 is one of the largest districts in the nation, but our voices aren’t being heard in Juneau.

A lifelong rural Alaska resident, a teacher, and a community leader is looking to change that by providing new representation in Juneau.

Our rural communities and folks on the land need to be heard every bit as much as the folks in downtown Anchorage and Fairbanks and more. Together we can make that happen.

Ed Alexander will be visiting your community and working to earn your vote and support, to be House District 6’s voice in Juneau!

  1. james kowalsky says:

    Good so far. I suspect there’ll be some positions stated at some point.
    And a schedule of planned appearances.
    I need think more before I feel I’ve made substantive helpful comments.

    • Thanks for the input Daisy, I’ve updated the website to include the list of communities, you can find it on the same page as the map!

  2. That’s useful content …
    I added your website into my favourites.
    Keep up good work! Excited for future updates.

    Best regards,

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