We had a great day in Venetie on July 20th! So good to be back in Venetie and see friends and relatives and meet with people about the concerns in the village. The community has grown a lot since I used to run around it in the summers as a kid. Thank you to Dennis Erick, Nicole Williams, Lawrence Roberts, Bobby Tritt, Patrick Hanson and everyone who came out and helped us and met with us. I sure appreciate the support! There are quite a few signs all over the village now, and the warm support and hospitality sure felt good.

We absolutely need to address the concerns about the cost of electricity in Venetie and the lack of indoor plumbing. We live in the richest state in the richest nation in the world, we can and should do better for our citizens! 

I can’t wait for another good trip to Venetie. It was good to cross paths with Grandma Mary Frank at the airport, but we didn’t get in a long enough visit. Hopefully next time.