We had a busy weekend knocking doors in the Copper River Valley the weekend of July 13th. Tsin’aen to Amanda with Gulkana Village Council and Paul with Copper River Native Association for talking to us about regional issues and public safety concerns, and to Bruce and the Copper River Chamber of Commerce for hosting a great candidate forum on Friday. It was great to get the message out in the Copper River area and hear about all of the issues that need to be worked on.

I talked about how we need to restore ACES and end the oil giveaway to balance our budget and fix some of the problems we’ve been having at the Glennallen Chamber event. We need to repair our roads, staff our schools, provide basic services, and honor Alaska’s Constitution by getting the maximum benefit for Alaskans from our resources. That’s not happening and we need change in Juneau! We got a great response from the communities in the Copper River Valley who are ready for business and growing their way out of this recession the Legislature has imposed on us.

It was great to be able to stop by the Tribal Office in Gulkana and the CRNA office in Tazlina to talk shop, meet with Elders and hear community concerns. Fantastic hospitality down there, and I can’t wait to return!