Just had a fantastic trip to my hometown, Gwichyaa Zhee. It was great to see everyone, talk on the radio, visit the elders at the Elders breakfast last week, and go around and visit and post signs.

There are now campaign signs everywhere! I really appreciate all the support. I couldn’t take pictures of all of the signs up, cause there’s quite a few, but the support of each of you and everyone in Fort Yukon means a lot to me. Very humbling for me, and very proud of my community’s support! If you want to post a pic of your sign feel free in the comments below.

In between posting signs I got to go out on the river with my Pop and drop a couple nets in. I had whitefish eggs for breakfast. Thanks again everyone for all of the support! Hai’!

It was awesome to be home again, even if it was only for a bit.